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Embrace Your Body Collection - Affirmation Cards

Embrace Your Body Collection - Affirmation Cards

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The Embrace Your Body Collection is a collaboration between Leisa and Brittnee from Bish Collective. 

Use this collection as a daily reminder that your body is deserving of love, and that you should embrace all of who you are and what your body can do. Shuffle the deck and choose a card intuitively, or one that speaks to you the most. Place them on a mirror or on a card stand where you'll see them frequently during the day.

We hope that this collection inspires all women to love and cherish their bodies, regardless of their shape or size. We want you to be comfortable in your own body and to encourage you to change your negative mindset. We want to be positive role models for not only our own children, but for future generations as well, so that they can learn these skills and, hopefully, respect and embrace their bodies from an early age.

The Embrace Your Body Collection is printed in QLD, Australia on the highest quality 400gsm card stock, finished in a matte laminate allowing for prolonged use and have been created with rounded corners.

This collection is packaged in a luxe black velvet bag. You can also select to include our new soft touch velvet printed boxes. The back of the box shows examples of the cards and some product information which makes it ideal for gifting. 

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